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About our practice...

From the begining of 1993 when Paul Renton-Harper started consulting from Litfield House Medical Centre, the aim remains the same today as it was then, to provide the latest and best medical treatments and technology with the highest degree of personal service. We pride ourselves on providing patients with cutting edge technology allied with old fashioned standards of politeness, friendliness and efficiency so lacking in today’s busy world. 

 In order to provide the latest medical advances we source the very latest and best research, materials and equipment from wherever in the world it is available. An example of this may be found in our latest surgery which was designed, engineered and built by one of the UK’s leading companies and houses the very latest and most advanced digital x-ray equipment and a selection of British and American instruments some of which have been made especially for the practice. We were the first periodontal practice outside of the USA to have a MagnaVu digital operating microscope, a device which provides up to 50x magnification. Most recently we have installed a Zeiss surgical microscope and Mr Renton-Harper uses this for all procedures, allowing extremely fine and detailed work with the least amount of discomfort.

We are able to undertake many procedures non-surgically that until very recently would have required a surgical approach. Our main clinical aim is to be at the forefront of non-surgical periodontal treatment and to that end we have developed arrangements with European and American laboratories which give us access to the latest molecular microbiological techniques. In conjunction with advice from our Specialist in Medical Microbiology, these have proven to be an exceptionally valuable aid to both diagnosis and treatment, particularly of the most aggressive and advanced periodontal diseases.

We have recently purchased technology from Europe and America which enables us to perform much of this testing ‘in-house’ and believe that we are the only practice in the UK with this facility. In addition we are now able to carry out the majority of the blood tests we need in our own facility, thus speeding the production of results and lowering the cost to patients.

A further recent addition to our armamentarium is a new application of a bone regeneration technique which can, in many cases, be perfomed under our microscopes without the need for surgery.

Prime importance is given to the selection of staff. Whilst clinical excellence is obviously a prerequisite, a friendly and relaxed approach to patients is considered a vital ingredient. Delivering high quality care, together they form a friendly, experienced and exceptionally motivated team led by Kay Willis and Frances Howe.

The Principal Staff

Mr Paul Renton-Harper - Specialist in Periodontics
Mrs Kay Willis - Practice Manager and Principal Nurse
Miss Frances Howe - Practice Manager
Hygienists, Nurses and Administrative Staff still to be added !